College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture is the land-grant division of the University. 

Our College provides research-based solutions, information, and technology for students, individuals, families, and communities to enrich their lives. In all its endeavors, the foremost priority of the College is to deliver products and services most effective in meeting the needs and expectations of its clients and stakeholders.

Whether you are a student, a member of our Virginia agricultural community or a resident concerned about economic growth and prosperity, the School of Agriculture programs are among the premiere at Virginia State University. We address issues locally, nationally and globally.

The College of Agriculture is “Building a Better World Through Excellence in Science, Service and Solutions” via its tripartite mission - to educate, to engage in research benefiting a diverse body and by applying the research in assistance to students, communities, youths programs, underserved and limited resource clients, through the Cooperative Extension interest of the school.

Food Desert Study


"Living in a Food Desert" Documentary

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