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Vitalis Wibald Temu

Temu, Vitalis Wibald, PhD

Small Ruminants

Associate Professor

Phone: 804-524-6717
Fax: 804-524-5186


  • Ph.D. (2011) - Mississippi State University (Agricultural Sciences - Agronomy)
  • M.S. (2001) - Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania (Animal Science)
  • B.S. (1997) - Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania (Animal Science)

Research Interest

  • Ecological pasture management in agricultural landscapes
  • Sustainable forage-based small ruminant production
  • Integrated approaches involving evasive grazing and bioactive forages for the control of Gastro-intestinal Nematodes affecting pasture-raised small ruminants
  • Plant-soil-animal interactions in managed grazinglands
  • Potential of non-conventional feed resources to improve small ruminant nutrition
  • Growth response of forage plants to defoliation and prescribed burning

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Society of Agronomy; Crop Science Society of America & Soil Science Society of America
  • Society for Range Management
  • American Forage and Grassland Council
  • Virginia Forage and Grassland Council
  • Soil and Water Conservation Society
  • Tanzania Society of Animal Science and Production
  • Rangelands Society of Tanzania

Selected Publications

  • Temu, V.W, D. Johnson, & M.K. Kering, (2016). Effects of root-trimming and cutting heights on growth performance of potted native warm-season grasses. Journal of Plant Studies, 5(2). In Press.
  • Temu, V.W, M.K. Kering, & L.K. Rutto, (2016). Effects of Planting Method on Enhanced Stand Establishment and Subsequent Performance of Forage Native Warm-Season Grasses. Journal of Plant Studies, 5(1), p38. doi:
  • Temu, V.W., B.S. Baldwin, K.R. Reddy, S.K. Riffell (2015). "Harvesting Effects on Species Composition and Distribution of Cover Attributes in Mixed Native Warm-Season Grass Stands." Environments 2, no. 2: 167-185. doi:10.3390/environments2020167
  • Temu, V.W., B.S. Baldwin, K.R. Reddy, S.K. Riffell, L.W. Burger (2014). "Wildlife Habitat Quality (Sward Structure and Ground Cover) Response of Mixed Native Warm-Season Grasses to Harvesting." Environments 1, no. 1: 75-91. doi:10.3390/environments1010075
  • Temu, V.W., B. J. Rude, B. S. Baldwin, (2014). "Nutritive Value Response of Native Warm-Season Forage Grasses to Harvest Intervals and Durations in Mixed Stands." Plants 3, no. 2: 266-283. doi:10.3390/plants3020266
  • Temu, V.W., B.J. Rude, and B.S. Baldwin (2014). Yield Response of Native Warm-Season Forage Grasses to Harvest Intervals and Durations in Mixed Stands. Agronomy, 4, 90-107. doi:10.3390/agronomy4010090
  • Adnan B. Yousuf, T. Brown, B. Zhang, L. Rutto, M. Kering and V. Temu (2014) Evaluation of Composition and in vitro Dry Matter Disappearance of Alkali Treated Vegetable Soybean Residue.   J. Agricultural Science, North America, 6, Oct. 2014. DOI:
  • Temu, V.W., W.L. Kingery, B.S. Baldwin, S.K. Riffell, L.W. Burger, and B.J. Rude. (2009). Effects of cutting frequency on early succession forage yield and wildlife habitat features of mixed pastures dominated by indiangrass and little bluestem in Mississippi, pp. 110-118. 4th National Conference on Grazing Lands, Dec 13-16, (2009) at John Ascuaga’s Nugget Hotel, Sparks, Nevada.
  • Temu, V.W., W. Kingery and B. Baldwin. (2009). Effect of defoliation frequency on growth and production of little bluestem and indiangrass used in conservation buffers. Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, January 2009, Vol 54, N0 1. p 29.
  • Temu, V.W. and D. Lang (2008) Potential of Switchgrass for Seed Production During the First Growing Season in Mississippi
  • Temu, V.W. and D.J. Lang (2007). Grazing preference of bermudagrass cultivars interseeded with chicory. Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences. January 2007, Vol 52, No 1 pp 33.
  • Lang, D.J. and V.W. Temu (2007). Effect of Mid-season harvest on seed quality of switchgrass. American Forage and Grassland Council. June 22-27 2007, State College, PA.
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