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Shuxin Ren

Ren, Shuxin, PhD

Plant and Soil Sciences

Associate Professor

Phone: 804-524-3094
Fax: 804-524-5186


  • Ph.D. (Genetics) Texas A&M University 
  • Beijing Agricultural University, Beijing, China, Plant Breeding and Genetics,

Research Interest

  • Plant telomere biology
  • Molecular mechanisms of plant environmental stress tolerance
  • Identification of DNA markers and their use in breeding program

Professional Memberships

  • American Society of Plant Biologists
  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science

Selected Publications 

  • Ren, S.X., K.K. Mandadi, A.L. Boedeker, K.S. Rathore, and T.D. McKnight, 2007. Regulation of Telomerase in Arabidopsis by BT2, an Apparent Target of TELOMERASE ACTIVATOR 1,The Plant Cell. 19:23-31.
  • Ren, S.X., J.S. Johnston, D.E. Shippen, and T.D. McKnight, 2004. TELOMERASE ACTIVATOR 1 Induces Telomerase Activity and Potentiates Responses to Auxin in Arabidopsis, The Plant Cell. 16:2910-2922.
  • Fitzgerald, M.S., K. Riha, F. Gao, S.X. Ren, T.D. McKnight, and D.E. Shippen, 1999. Disruption of the Telomerase Catalytic Subunit Gene from Arabidopsis Inactivates telomerase and Leads to a Slow Loss of Telomeric DNA, PNAS. 96:14813-14818.
  • Lin, Y.R., X. Draye, X. Qian, S.X. Ren, L.H. Zhu, J. Tomkins, R.A. Wing, Z. Li, and A.H. Paterson, 2000. Locus-specific Contig Assembly in Highly-Duplicated Genomes, Using the BAC-RF Method, Nucleic Acids Res. 28: E23.
  • Lin, Y.R., L. Zhu, S.X. Ren, J. Yang, K.F. Schertz, and A.H. Paterson, 1999. A Sorghum Propinguum BAC Library, Suitable for Cloning Genes Associated with Loss-of-Function Mutations during Crop Domestication, Molecular Breeding. 5:511-520.
  • Ren, S.X., R.A. McIntosh, and Z.J. Lu, 1997. Genetic Suppression of the Cereal Rye-derived Gene Pm8 in Wheat, Euphytica. 93:353-360.
  • Ren, S.X., R.A. McIntosh, P.J. Sharp, and T.T. The, 1996. A Storage-Protein Marker Associated with the Suppressor of Pm8 for Powdery Mildew Resistance in Wheat, Theoretical & Applied Genetics. 93:1054-1060.
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