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Maru Kipleting Kering

Kering, Maru Kipleting, PhD

Plant and Soil Sciences

Assistant Professor

Phone: 804-524-5955
Fax: 804-524-5622


  • Ph.D. (2008) -University of Missouri,(Agronomy)

Research Interest

  • Development of bioenergy crop production and management systems and demonstration of bioenergy processing technology
  • Plant nutrient uptake and transport and bio-fortification of food and feed
  • Nutrient and water use efficiency in crops experiencing abiotic stress
  • Impact of increasing global temperature and carbon dioxide levels on crop physiology, growth, and productivity

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Society of Agronomy
  • Crop Science Society of America
  • Soil Science Society of America

Selected Publications

  • Kering, M.K., J.T. Biermacher, T.J Butler, J. Mosali, and J.A. Guretzky. 2012. Biomass yield and nutrient responses of switchgrass to phosphorus fertilization. Bioenergy Res., 5:71-78.
  • Kering, M.K., T.J. Butler, J.T. Biermacher, and J.A. Guretzky. 2012. Biomass yield and nutrient removal rates of perennial grasses under nitrogen fertilization. Bioenergy Res. 5:61-70.
  • Kering, M.K., and M. Kaps. 2011. Effect of media pH on growth and leaf tissue element concentration of ‘Vidal blanc’ and ‘Norton’ grape cultivars. International Journal of Fruit Science. 11:1-10.
  • Kering, M.K, J.A. Guretzky, E. Funderburg, and J. Mosali. 2011. Effect of nitrogen fertilizer rate and harvest season on forage yield, quality and macronutrient concentration in Midland bermuda grass. Comm. Soil Sci. and Plant Anal. 42:1958-1971.
  • Kering, M.K., K. Lukaszewska, and D.G. Blevins. 2009. Manganese requirement for optimum photosynthesis and growth in NAD-malic enzyme C-4 species. Plant and Soil 316:217-226.
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